A Call to Action for the Fellow Nerd

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This is a call to action.

This is also an attempt at marketing a brand. However, that is not the true purpose of this call to action..

What, then, you ask, is the purpose? Who is this call to action for?


Quite simply, its



This article is for you, the fellow nerd, the know-it-all, the math whiz, the die hard Star Wars fan.

This article is for you, the one with ALL the chemistry jokes, the resident computer fixer, the part time hacker, the history buff.

This is for those who see themselves in an intellectual light, this is for the only kid in the school who knows the extended version of E=mc^2, this is for the person who searches up “nerdy t-shirts” online and actually understands them.



Because WE are the nerds.


Nerds are the overlooked contributors of the world, we bring school averages up, we make life interesting. Nerds innovate, nerds make the old new again. Nerds are the future software engineers, the future Nobel laureates, the future leaders in business and technology. Nobody can doubt the fact that the world is run by nerds..

Bill Gates, need I say more?



Nerds are not being appreciated, not nearly enough.


Everywhere we go, we see new grassroots holidays being created, days representing every kind of uniqueness..

For example.. a random list of January days..

Jan 12 National Pharmacist Day

Jan 13 International Skeptics Day

Jan 13 Make Your Dream Come True Day

Jan 14 Dress Up Your Pet Day

Jan 15 National Hat Day

Jan 16 National Nothing Day

Each and every one of these days is to promote awareness for something, same with Pi Day or Tau Day..


That is why

I propose a Nerd Appreciation Day.


A day for the fellow nerd to show his/her geekiness with pride, and for the rest of the world to appreciate backyard intellectuals.

This will be a day to wear your nerdiest t-shirt in public, this will be a day when you can tell all your programming jokes, one at a time.

This will be a day where smart is the new popular, where nerd is the new sexy, where glasses are the new symbol of status.

Nerd Appreciation Day will be a day like the others, but yet unlike the others. Like Geek Pride Day, it will be a day that defines the nerdy. But unlike Geek Pride Day, it will have no significance in the date itself. Just a random day where all nerds will rejoice and show the world their individuality.



How does July 15th sound?


Many have tried, and all have failed.

Why? Because days like this need YOUR support to happen. There are no big companies out there sponsoring this day with million dollar TV ads.

Why? Because people are not following.

Like this wonderful TED talk shows.. Leaders don’t start movements, its the followers that do. Leaders are overrated, because it is the people that keep a movement going.

It’s the first follower who transforms a lone nut into a leader.

And right now, I’m the lone nut.

However, YOU can change that.


Share this article with your friends, family, and fellow nerds. Make Facebook Pages, Websites, 4Chan posts.. Do whatever it is you do the best.


Help make Nerd Appreciation Day a reality.


Sincerely Yours,

Relativistic Designs Admin


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