About Us

Relativistic Designs makes t-shirts for nerds. Whether you’re an engineer, programmer or math whiz, we have the right t-shirt for you. Explore hundreds of funny graphic and slogan designs and find your favourite! 

We have risen from the ashes of the t-shirt industry, above the burning masses of YOLO and “Keep Calm”, to bring you the latest in nerdy humour. No longer will you need to wear a stupidly cute image for casual day, when you can wear the latest math joke hot off the internetz.

Are you sick of generic branded t-shirts? Are you tired of seeing the exact same phrase on every single shirt? Fret not, because Relativistic Designs is the store for you! Choose from hundreds of different designs ( 209 in total, maybe 120 of them are actually good) for every type of nerd.

Mathematician? BAM, math joke. Engineer? BAM, engineering joke. Programmer? BAM, self deprecating programming joke.

Relativistic Designs - T-shirts for nerds

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