How to sell t-shirt designs on Spreadshirt

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Ever wondered how to translate that amazing idea in your head into some serious t-shirt money? The easiest way is by uploading your design to Spreadshirt and selling it from there. This post will show you how. While there are other alternatives to Spreadshirt, including stores like Cafepress or Zazzle, Spreadshirt provides the most options, best quality products and is … Read More

T-Shirt Small Talk: The December rush

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Deck the halls with boughs of holly, Fa la la la la, la la la la. There goes another holiday season. Yep, it all ends on December 22nd, as per Spreadshirt shipping policy. December is always frantically busy in the t-shirt world. As a result, the last few weeks of November is always spent looking as presentable as possible. This … Read More

A Call to Action for the Fellow Nerd

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This is a call to action. This is also an attempt at marketing a brand. However, that is not the true purpose of this call to action.. What, then, you ask, is the purpose? Who is this call to action for?   Quite simply, its You.   This article is for you, the fellow nerd, the know-it-all, the math whiz, … Read More

T-shirt day 2013

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Friday, June 21st is the 6th International T-Shirt Day.   Celebrating the most popular garment choice – The T-shirt.   Here’s to the t-shirt, the versatile, expressive, and ubiquitous piece of clothing. At Relativistic Designs, we support T-shirt day! Enter the coupon code TDAY2013 to receive free shipping on you order.. but only on June 21st!

How to Design Your Own T-Shirts

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Okay, so you went through our intensively built design gallery filled with glorious nerdy designs.. And you couldn’t find one you like (Impossible! I know!)   But lets just hypothesize… And now you want to design your own shirt…   This is How to Design Your Own T-Shirts   What you need: Photo/Vector manipulation software. Relativistic Designs uses Adobe Illustrator … Read More