CSS Ninja style | T-shirt of the Week

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CSS Ninja style | T-shirt of the Week

CSS Ninja T-shirt

There is a short story behind the CSS Ninja T-shirt:

Last winter, I was studying for finals in the library of the University of Calgary (TFDL 3rd floor, for those of you familiar with the U of C), when I came upon this friend of mine. I haven’t seen her for about half a semester, which isn’t particularly surprising since I’m in engineering and she’s in science.

It was about a week before spring semester finals, and there she sat, messing with CSS code. I later learned that she was just learning the syntax of CSS, for customizing her Tumblr. When we talked, she would type random phrases into her code to test if it worked or not.

There were a few lines of experimental code that I remember:

visibility: semi-transparent;

background: polka-dots;

Obviously someone who’s spent too much time on Photoshop, but when you think about it, her code would make perfect sense. To the untrained eye (and trained eye), CSS is perhaps the closest thing to spoken language in programming today. where else are you going to get things like border-right-width: medium;“?

This t-shirt stands out with simplicity: white helvetica typeface on black fabric. For the picky web designer out there, the code is even indented!

If you appreciate CSS and webdesign, the “CSS Ninja Style” t-shirt is perfect for you.

Find it here:

CSS Ninja T-shirt

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