Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you people?
Relativistic Designs is built by nerds to serve nerds! We’ve been operational since the summer of 2012 and have been printing quality t-shirts ever since. To learn more about Relativistic Designs, please see our about page. 
Where are your t-shirts from?
We print and ship all t-shirts in the United States! We do not do any overseas printing, this helps to keep jobs inside North America and ensures a high product quality. 
How do you select your designs?
Our nerds appreciate nerdy humour! We design whatever hilarious or relevant things we see in life.
Who prints the t-shirts?
Spreadshirt does. Spreadshirt is one of the largest t-shirt printers in the world, and every t-shirt you see at Relativistic Designs is printed using Spreadshirt’s technology in the US.
What's your return policy?
Spreadshirt have a fair return policy. For more details please visit this page
How much to I pay and how long do I wait for shipping?
Orders and shipping are fulfilled by Spreadshirt . For more information please see here for shipping cost, and here for shipping times.