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Irony, the opposite of wrinkly t-shirt from Relativistic Designs

Irony, the Opposite of Wrinkly T-shirt

Yet another definition of irony in this T-shirt of the Week. This one takes the unconventional and punny route and defines irony as the opposite of wrinkly. (You know how an iron removes wrinkles?)

I found the idea for this shirt as a quote a few months ago, and it immediately caught my eye. In fact when I saw it, I burst out laughing! I love clever puns like this one that are short and concise. It was amazingly simple: Irony => Wrinkly.

There are a few other similar designs on the internet and they’re all made out of that squiggly hand drawn font, which is hugely inappropriate for such a clever pun.

This T-shirt design uses a bold serif font in the style of a dictionary entry. This t-shirt is perfect for everyday wear, and it’s definitely a conversation starter among friends and strangers alike.

If you appreciate puns, the “Irony, the Opposite of Wrinkly” t-shirt is perfect for you.

Find it here:

Irony, the Opposite of Wrinkly T-shirt

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