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Deck the halls with boughs of holly,
Fa la la la la, la la la la.

There goes another holiday season. Yep, it all ends on December 22nd, as per Spreadshirt shipping policy.

Spreadshirt shipping

This year’s shipping times

December is always frantically busy in the t-shirt world. As a result, the last few weeks of November is always spent looking as presentable as possible. This usually means organizing our 150 odd nerdy t-shirt designs by presentability and how much people like them. This is neither a fun nor a pleasant task, I assure you, since it means a lot of moving things around on this website.

Give or take a week, the rush of sales begin at around the last week of November. Interesting thing that comes with the holiday rush is the change of tone of the purchases. For example, in other months, a majority of sales is aimed at people buying nerdy and geeky t-shirt goodies (I like that phrase) for themselves. But, come the holiday season, we suddenly find ourselves in a sea of people buying for the purpose of gifting.


A randomly generated list of t-shirts in the late Christmas season. Note the popularity of one specific design: “Eat, Sleep, Code”


The design that is the most popular

this year is the Eat, Sleep, Code design, as you can see from the partial sales list for this season.


Eat, sleep, code programming t-shirt design

As far as observations go, its interesting to note the spike in sales on the 19th of November. To me, it feels like that is the Christmas shopping deadline in most people’s minds, as often, the season begins on the 20th with family gatherings and days off.


This is as much as I can disclose, each tick could be 3 sales or 300


Anyways, Happy Nerdy T-Shirt Filled Holidays!

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