Trust Me, I’m an Engineer | T-shirt of the Week

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Trust Me, I'm an Engineer | T-shirt of the Week

Look at that cute little cogwheel!

Trust me, I’m an engineer

Have you ever uttered the phrase ‘trust me, I’m an engineer‘? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place!

If not, you’ve either been living underneath a pile of textbooks for the past 4 years, or ‘gasp’, you’re NOT an engineer!

Just kidding, everybody is an engineer.

Why is this the t-shirt of the week this week? I actually saw someone in U of C wearing the exact same t-shirt. I’m not particularly good at keeping track of my sales but I think it’s this one from Relativistic Designs.

The design of this t-shirt is inspired by the half cogwheel of the Schulich School of Engineering logo, as seen here:

Schulich School of Engineering Logo Cogwheel

If you’re an engineer and you wish to be trusted by the masses… the “Trust me, I’m an engineer” t-shirt is perfect for you. Wear it to your university and make your fellow students jelly.

Find it here:

Trust me, I’m an engineer

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